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With Our Carrier Ethernet service, you can forget everything about translation of IP addresses, security breaches, tedious waiting times for reconfigurations and below-standard quality. Carrier Ethernet is born for fibre. This means that the technology works perfectly on Our powerful fibre network.


FTTP is the fastest fibre-optic broadband available to any business. This is an end-to-end pure fibre-optic cable system wholly owned and managed by Fibre Hub and offers the highest available bandwidth when compared to any available service in Nigeria today, in both downstream and upstream directions.


Dark fiber solutions provide network extension and swift deployment, delivered with speed, simplicity and confidence. Fibre Hub specialising in dark fiber and Laying of fibre cables to enable you to be in business for your customers. Fibre Hub offers a variety of connectivity options


We provide IP Telephony solutions. This technology transmits voice applications over an IP network as in traditional PBX. With Fibre Hub VoIP and IP Telephony solution, our customers are guaranteed business communications systems that integrate multiple technologies into comprehensive systems to address their individual needs.


Fibre Hub is a new generation Internet Service provider with high level of Reliablity and Quality Service.

We provide high quality service that you expect 24/7.

Fibre Hub is a telecommunication and Information Technology service company. We offer a combination of business solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of our clients. Over the years we have been able to identify and develop a competence for analyzing and understanding business operations, the cost drivers and operational hiccups that create inefficiencies and challenges in organizations. We have numerous customized business solutions designed to address our clients' specific telecommunication challenges; giving the organization the required edge in today’s highly competitive market.

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We utilises optical cables for its internet broadband service , which makes it the fastest internet you can get.


Fibre Hub drives on the policy to make efficient changes that are necessary to respond effectively to client needs, as quickly as possible

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Each client has a dedicated service technician to create a personable relationship.